Hey all, and welcome back to the portfolio of yours truly, Brandon Greene-Hooks. It’s been a considerably long time since the last post, and as the title suggests, we’ll be starting off this new year with a bang. How, you ask? With content, of course; more specifically, a focus on games.


We’ll start with Geo. Just to get everyone up to speed, Geo is an 8-Bit, Physics-Based Puzzle for mobile. This is the first game I’ll have ever distributed in a marketplace, so its development was a great learning experience. For instance, Geo is not a conventional mobile game; that is to say, it is not free to play or “freemium”, but a one-time buy with no in-app purchases. The game has a definite beginning and end, and as such, there are plans for additional content to be added, but nothing that affects the story mode of the game. Geo’s official release date is January 23rd, 2016.

As a developer, and specifically in regards to Geo, I want to be very transparent, so I have a bit of explaining to do. The original release date was set to October 5th, 2015; however, this was too close to the holidays, and there were a few major game releases going on, so it was recommended I hold off until the new year. So, I shifted gears to polishing the game for its new release date of January 2nd, 2016; this the release date shown in the official trailer, which unfortunately needed to be changed due to iTunes Connect temporarily removing its submission capabilities for the holidays; about a week in duration. Being vaguely aware of how long iTunes app submissions take to be approved, along with the fact that it could easily be denied for some unforeseen circumstance or another, we end at the current (and, hopefully final), January 23rd, 2016 release date. Right now, my focus is staying in close contact with iTunes to ensure a successful release, since Google Play, Windows Store, and Amazon releases for the old demo went by smoothly. Once I know that Geo can be released by that date, I can get in touch with my press contacts for early access reviews. From there, it’s just a matter of getting the word out and doing minor bug fix releases until those extra game modes are ready…

…And, breathe out…

Moving right along, I’m really excited for my upcoming projects. It’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy working on Geo, but I have a lot of ideas for other works, and I’d like to be in a position where I can give them attention, so there’s a bit of anxiety surrounding Geo’s release. In the meantime, I intend to be very active in social media outlets, and once the release date is upon us, Geo’s official website will see a major update. Asteroids and Super Mario Bros V3, here we come!

That’s all for now, everyone. Until next time (which will be much sooner than the last)!