Hey there, and welcome back to the portfolio of yours truly, Brandon Greene-Hooks. It's a been a long while, and a lot has changed (in regards to the portfolio, and life in general). In fact, it's been so long, the phrase "radio silence" doesn't seem to cut it - between work changes and personal struggles appearing one after another, I've been terribly remiss in keeping track of my progress, and as such, updating the portfolio. But, fear not; I'll be covering all of the new and altered contents right now. So, without further ado, let's get to it.

As you can see, the website has been revamped to a much more modern theme. But, it's not just aesthetic; there's a functional difference, too. While a vast majority of the website was developed from scratch, the blog portion was powered by Wordpress. Now, even that's done in house. This gives me more control of the changes I make to the website, along with getting rid of that awful load time from all the extra, unused resources.

The 2D Animation page is business as usual, although there's a chance I'll take it down if I can't find a way to get some content on there this year. The 3D Modeling page hasn't had any new additions in a while, either, but I'm planning to fix that. It did, however, get an update in how data is presented; all model thumbnails are separate from their full previews, and each thumbnail can be hovered over for its relevant information. The Game Development page hasn't been updated either, but, keep a close eye on that one. Graphic Design has a system similar to that of the 2D Animation page within its inner sections, and if you take a look inside, you'll see there are a couple new logos in there, and one updated logo. Finally, the Web Creations has had one website added, and one website removed. Each of these main portfolio sections have had changes to their URLs, and I've made it so that the old pages take visitors to the new page. This is the first time I've done this in such a large scale, so do pardon the dust if anything goes awry.

The Store got a small visual update for structure purposes, but other than that, it hasn't changed much. Each tool logo in the About page now links to its respective website. And, as always, you can get in touch with me via the Contact page. Now that I've covered the changes, I'd like to talk about the process of those changes.

In abandoning Wordpress for content management, I had to build my own content management system, and it was a great, tedious challenge. Every blog post, image, and comment took me back to when the post was typewritten, when the image was created, and when I first read the comment. While the portfolio has only been active for a few years, I've been working in this way for nearly ten years, so the memories I had of these events became distant. At one point, I aimed to do one blog post a month, but wasn't keen on the idea of having very small posts for slow months, nor "skipping" months when I had set a schedule. I aimed to make weekly Facebook updates, but usually only post to Facebook when there's a blog post, and didn't know how to allocate it otherwise. I aimed to make daily tweets, but always felt like I was simply speaking to myself when using it, which seemed a rather silly thing to do every day. I aimed to make one game every month, and I succeeded once, but got too comfortable and didn't follow the same procedure I did for the first attempt, and soon found it to be vital. When rebuilding the website, I found myself asking "whatever happened with x", or, "why isn't y complete," and so on.

I do a lot, when I can. I like the very idea of having ideas. I like doing something with those ideas. I like stepping back after the work is done and taking a deep breath before pushing it off to the outside world. I like doing this in different ways. I like to create, or as my friends have put it, I like to art. But, when I try to do all of these things for different projects, at once, it doesn't go over well.

So! New plan. I'm going to keep doing what I love. But, working more on finding my perfect stride. That's it for now, everyone. Until next time.