Hey all, and welcome back to the portfolio of yours truly, Brandon Greene-Hooks. I must say, I’m particularly excited about this post, since there is quite a bit to cover this time around.

As you may have noticed, the website has gone through quite a few changes overnight, but I can assure you that they were much needed, and have made each portion of the website more intuitive and structured. Beyond that, I’ve calculated that ninety percent of the content have maintained their previous locations, so very little has been “disturbed” by this move. Just as I did in the first post, I’ll do a once-over of the website to further explain these changes before getting into other updates.

Just as before, the Home page will serve as a hub for information regarding updates, events, and otherwise. The About page now gives a brief description of who I am and what I do, along with a list of my tools of the trade. Also, the Contact page also provides a direct email with which to contact me, alongside the previous contact form. A new addition to the website, the External page links to the various social media outlets I use to keep those that are interested “in-the-know”.

Now, on to the Portfolio.

The 2D Animation section contains animated works that are later rendered into video form. I use “2D” to prevent any confusion, as I also work with 3D assets from time to time, which I’ll get to next. As of right now, it hosts a preview for a series I titled “Inverse”. The progress I’ve made on this project is rather slow-going but very significant for its success. More recently, I’ve been able to consult the help of one my professors, which will help with one of the more crucial components of the first animation; the audio.

As you could imagine, the 3D Modeling section contains works that start as simple ideas, then become completed models. It currently hosts one completed series, and a placeholder for my next planned series, simply titled “Zero”. I intended on having a preview for it, but I would much rather make some more fine tuning before doing so.

Moving right on, the Game Development section contains works that are to be enjoyed by gamers everywhere. As a somewhat combination of the previously mentioned sections, this one currently hosts one project available for download, and a preview for another I’ve titled “Re:Member”. I have a majority of the first area of this game ready, but would still like to finalize a few parts of it before giving any screenshots.

Last, but not least, the Graphic Design section contains works made for both digital and print purposes. This section used to be broken down into four subcategories, but all works are now hosted on the same page. However, I’ve made it so that each subcategory can still be viewed separately.

Now then, it’s time for some special news regarding the Super Mario Bros. In First Person game. As you may already be aware, the game has been steadily growing in popularity until recently. Last month, the previous game downloads doubled, resulting in a total of 4698 downloads so far, and I must say, I am extremely humbled by this. I’ve been contacted by people in India and Romania – seen YouTube videos of gameplay from people in Russia – and watched hundreds of downloads from China; this game, one way or another, has found its way overseas, and that’s pretty cool. All of this increases my desire to make Version 3.0 of the game even greater, to reach out further, and allow more people to enjoy it. So once again, thank you very much.

That’s all for now, everyone. My next moves for the website include solidifying mobile compatibility, creating a preloading system for portfolio images, and incorporating a bit more eye-candy into the Super Mario Bros. In First Person page. Until then.