Hey all, and welcome back to the portfolio of yours truly, Brandon Greene-Hooks. I’ve got some new and information regarding upcoming updates and projects. However, there’s been a prevalent ‘radio silence’ about the site for a while now, so I’d like to get into a bit of that, first.

A couple months back, the changes made to the site came to a slow halt. This change of pace was brought on by my laptop, which is apparently nearing its end. This put me in a position where I had the time and energy to create works and update the portfolio accordingly, but unfortunately, not the means. In fact, it got to a point where my phone became a better tool for checking email than my laptop did. On a related note, I was able to witness Notepad in an unresponsive state for the first time in my life.

What. A. Horrifying. Sight.

The abridged version of this story is that I now own a desktop I built from scratch, and am undergoing the arduous process of transferring programs, fonts, images, project files, and so on. It won’t be much longer until I can get back to the projects that have been gathering dust in the confines of my previous hard drive. Now that I’ve covered the details of an impromptu hiatus, let’s get to it.

The 2D Animation section will be seeing some changes soon; primarily, the addition of more screenshots of the first episode, and once I’ve completed it, the screenshots will be replaced with the actual video. My primary concern with the videos now is the dialogue, so that’s where a lot of time is going towards.

Last I spoke on the 3D Modeling section, there was a change of plans with one of the categories. That change will be coming into effect soon, as I was able to find a parallel that I’m satisfied with to replace the previous category. I start modeling today.

As for Game Development, I have some big news. A few months ago, an idea for a new game that I want to make came to mind. However, due to the aforementioned computer issues, I wasn’t able to get nearly as much progress on it as I wanted. As such, the game is still very much in the early development stages, and so I won’t be releasing many details. I will say these things, though: this will be a mobile game, available for Android/iOS/Windows Phone 8, and (hopefully) funded by anyone interested at KickStarter. Beyond that, there’s also some work being done on Inside The Game: Super Edition, which is currently about 60% done, and growing.

Finally, we have Graphic Design, which needs a bit of work. I’ve noticed that there’s a bit of scan-line loading for the larger images in the portfolio, which shouldn’t be occurring. My two main plans for this section will be not only to add more works to it, but to create a preloading system that will do the page justice.

That’s it for now, everyone. I’ll be making posting updates on Facebook and Twitter when they come. Until then.