Hey all, and welcome back to the portfolio of yours truly, Brandon Greene-Hooks. It’s been rather slow goings as of late, but by no means is there a lack of important information to share. This time’s post will have a bit of personal news, a strong emphasis on the future of Game Development in regards to the portfolio, and to bring about a new feature of the portfolio. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Now, this isn’t something I generally do on the portfolio unless I find it in close relation to the progression of the portfolio itself. Between acclimating to a full-time job, moving into a new living space, and – beginning tomorrow – a new position at that full-time job, I’ve only been focused on the content end, and have completely neglected the social end. After finally stepping into the current age of technology (that is to say, mobile applications), we should all see a drastic change in how both ends are handled. What this should amount to is:

In hindsight, these are things I should have been maintaining since the conception of this portfolio; however, I also realize how much of a learning process this has been; as the portfolio grows, and the site has been around longer, I’m finding what works out best for it all.

Moving on to Game Development, I’ll first be going over some Super Mario Bros. In First Person news before moving on to a game in the immediate timeline. Near the end of March, I found that Super Mario Bros. In First Person was uploaded to the popular independent game database GameJolt. The great part about this is that it allowed a wider range of people to experience this little project of mine; the not-so-great part was that, GameJolt is a place for developers to upload their games, and I was not the one who uploaded it there.

Basically, Super Mario Bros. In First Person – a free game – was stolen.

The user in question claimed to have an entire development team, spoke about the logic behind certain gameplay elements, and even went as far to tell GameJolt’s users that there was to be other ports of the game in the foreseeable future; all false information. I inevitably reported it, and it was swiftly taken down by the website’s administrators. Now, I’d like to go off the record and say that I have no problem with the game being uploaded outside of the portfolio. This honestly makes it a bit more difficult to track where downloads are coming from and going, but that information is just to satiate my curiosity. The only things I ask are that you give me notice, and that you do not claim to have created it; the latter stipulation should never have to be stated aloud, but, these things happen. Time for some stats.

Super Mario Bros. In First Person:

Created: October 23, 2013
Current version: 2.1.5
Downloads: 173,553
Fan-made videos: 137

So, the game in the immediate timeline is Geo, which has had scores of work done on it in the past while. My next move with it, believe it or not, is to start catching you all up on some of it’s larger developmental stages via its official twitter page, @TheGeoCo, and to schedule out the remainder of it’s development. Again, I hate the use of hard time limits, but I don’t imagine this game taking much longer than a couple more months to be ready. I’m having a great amount of fun with creating this, and hope you all have as much fun playing it.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s time to address the elephant in the room…rather, the store in the portfolio. It’s my pleasure to announce the grand opening of the ZeroFolio Store; a new section of the site dedicated to works for sale. At the moment, it’s relatively empty, but there are plans to fix that. The headlining category of products has been flying off the metaphorical shelves; a series of high quality, 11 by 17 inch sized typographic posters called “Expletive Prints”. Each individual print is a mere $10, and buying a pack of five prints saves 20% from purchasing five individuals.

I believe that covers everything…or, does it?

The final, final note I wanted to leave you all with is something that is going to be much more exciting for me than you, but I want to share it with you, regardless. We now have shortlinks. Basically, every blog post will be referred to as a number, every page will be referred to by their original name, sans vowels, and every game will be referred to by either full name or abbreviation. Let’s get some examples, shall we?

Main Site: http://zrfl.cm
First Blog Post: http://zrfl.cm/1
This Blog Post: http://zrfl.cm/16
Portfolio Page: http://zrfl.cm/prtfl
Graphic Design: http://zrfl.cm/grphcds
Super Mario Bros In First Person: http://zrfl.cm/smbifp
Geo: http://zrfl.com/geo

That’s it for now, everyone. The next post will likely go into further detail about Geo, and the next game project for ZeroFolio. See you then.