Hey there, and welcome back to the portfolio of yours truly, Brandon Greene-Hooks. It's a been a long while, and a lot has changed (in regards to the portfolio, and life in general). In fact, it's been so long, the phrase "radio silence" doesn't seem to cut it - between work changes and personal struggles appearing one after another, I've been terribly remiss in keeping track of my progress, and as such, updating the portfolio. But, fear not; I'll be covering all of the new and altered contents right now. So, without further ado, let's get to it.

As you can see, the website has been revamped to a much more modern theme. But, it's not just aesthetic; there's a functional difference, too. While a vast majority of the website was developed from scratch, the blog portion was powered by Wordpress. Now, even that's done in house. This gives me more control of the changes I make to the website, along with getting rid of that awful load time from all the extra, unused resources.

The 2D Animation page is business as usual, although there's a chance I'll take it down if I can't find a way to get some content on there this year. The 3D Modeling page hasn't had any new additions in a while, either, but I'm planning to fix that. It did, however, get an update in how data is presented; all model thumbnails are separate from their full previews, and each thumbnail can be hovered over for its relevant information. The Game Development page hasn't been updated either, but, keep a close eye on that one. Graphic Design has a system similar to that of the 2D Animation page within its inner sections, and if you take a look inside, you'll see there are a couple new logos in there, and one updated logo. Finally, the Web Creations has had one website added, and one website removed. Each of these main portfolio sections have had changes to their URLs, and I've made it so that the old pages take visitors to the new page. This is the first time I've done this in such a large scale, so do pardon the dust if anything goes awry.


Hey all, and welcome back to the portfolio of yours truly, Brandon Greene-Hooks. Today’s update will be rather short, but it touches on some great things going on, so without further ado, let’s get started.

I’m happy to introduce to you all another site that’s been added to the Web Creations, along with the Meaningless Works site; please welcome Here’s My Response. This is by far my favorite Meaningless Work, since it takes a simple concept that follows a basic formula and makes it into a multifaceted communication device. The website takes up to twelve alphabetical characters based on the user’s input, encodes them, and provides a link for the user to share with others. Once the recipient opens that link, the input is decoded, and the message is shown on the screen. Add some well placed, randomly chosen backgrounds, and you get results such as this:


Moving right along, I mentioned in the previous post that I would go over some of the more recent progress in Geo. So far, 19 of the 111 planned levels are complete, and working as intended. There are a few features of the game that aren’t apart of the main storyline that I’m still playing around with, which may be placed in the game post-release at no extra cost, but the game’s framework is all in place.